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Strange lines behaviour

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Posted · Strange lines behaviour



Do you have any idea, why i've got such dashed lines after slicing? (nozzle diameter is set as default 0.4mm in printer settings). This is stl export from FreeCad, not conversion from any 3D graphics application, like Blender/Sketchup, etc. I've observed it also on my other designs.Looks, like the inner line tries to be very narrow - is there any setting to ignore that?


BR, Robert



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Posted · Strange lines behaviour

If I understand your part you have a circle made of an inner circle surrounded by a outer circle

The wall width of this part is approximately 5x0.4 mm


But in 3D printing a circle is not a circle but a bunch of little strait lines

You can see them on your picture in the 2 inner circles, and the lines are exactly 'synchronised' (parrallel)

But on the 4th and 5th circles you can see that the lines are not exactly at the same place ,and each angle on the 2nd circle is in front of the line on the 4th one, and not aligned with the angles.

So the distance between the angles and the lines is too thin to allow a print >>> dashes


One way would be to add a little thickness to your part (2.04  mm maybe)


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