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Posted · My custom heated bed

Thanks for the update!

I made some progress, too:

I noticed that getting exactly the right amount of flow makes a huge difference in terms of warping: If there is underextrusion on the first layer, then the brim will not be strong enough to hold the part down (obviously). But, if there is overextrusion on the first layer, it will - at least in my case - also not stick well because the lines get curled up and messy. I have fine-tuned my first layer for hours now and I get pretty much no warping at all anymore. Except for two or three spots where the parts would lift very slightly. Other parts print with absolutely 0 warping.

I never used any kind of tape, glue, alcohol or other treatment. Just the Basalt bed at 60°C (currently - this depends on the filament of course).

I haven't tried many different filaments yet because I already found "my favourite standard filament" (which is black PLA from ProtoParadigm, bought from qu-bd). I'll only use faberdashery filament if I need a different color than black, and ABS when I need parts that resist a little heat.

About aluminum:

I got myself some MK3 heatbeds which are now laying around, waiting to be tested. As soon as I get around to do it, I'll test them. My first try will also be printing directly on the aluminum as that would be the easiest way. Maybe I'll mill the surface to be 100% flat, or put a glass plate on top of it, but I'll definetly try different setups.

Anodising sounds interesting too, but I don't have the possibility to do that. Hope to hear from you about this ;)


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    Posted · My custom heated bed

    I'll come back as soon as I have testet.

    I have found a place where I can buy natural anodized aluminum having a coating thickness of 10-12 microns. However, The first test I will do is just to cook the aluminum in hot water for 1/2 to 1 hour. This will give me a thin oxidation, which is approximately the same as anodization. However, the thickness will be 0.1 microns, tops..

    I will try again printing without any tape and to see if I can get any control of it.. :-)


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