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Brim not complete

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Posted · Brim not complete

Hi Folks,

suddenly I've a Brim related problem. It isn't big enough anymore. Where did I make a mistake in the settings?

Cura V13.06.4

No support

Brim Yes

Fill 100%

Bottom/to and wall thickness 1.28

layer 0.16

Look in the gallery, album: Cura troubleshooting for pic's

I can't put them in this topic somehow?


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Posted · Brim not complete

Most likely the bottom of the object is not totally flat, because the first layer is smaller then the 2nd.


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Posted · Brim not complete

Wow, you're fast:-)

strange, but you're probably right. If I choose to cut off the object 0.2mm, then the brim is formed. I used the "lay flat button" and the drawing is placed on it's origin on a top plane in SW.

I can't find the error in the original drawing for now.

Thanks, it will save the problem for now, but the measurements are haywire:-(


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Posted · Brim not complete

Update( hopefully with correct info:-)


Programs used:


Solid Works Premium 2011, no extra settings when saving as *.stl, saving all bodies, if asked.




Cura 13.06.4, changed settings:




Layer hight








Shell thickness
















Fill density












Touching buildplate




Platform at
















Infill overlap











Just as this topic starts, the problem persists, however random. It’s annoying because you have to wait until the first layers are complete, because it isn’t always possible to check in Cura.




· - Cura sometimes crashes if trying to look at layerbuilding


· - First layers look fine in Cura’s layerbuilding, printing result isn’t always ok.


· - Large prints seem to be finished, but aren’t, Cura crashes.




· I’ve to turn around my objects always. I like to draw at the top plane in SW. Cura places the object on its side. If I choose the correct circle, a number (degrees of rotation) appears. One could always rely on the 90º when putting down the object. But it isn’t always possible to turn around until excactly 90º but you have to choose between 89º and 104º. If then respectively Lay Flat is choosen, the object turns around, rather than laying flat. If one chooses to turn around a little more than 45º it lays flat by itself. If the orientation is at odds with the buildplate, there is never a problem. If it is not, randomly the object turns around instead of lay flat.


It seems to be the happening with complex designs mostly,( a lot of curves for instance)


I’ve made some movies. The first one is how it should be,




the 2nd and The 3rd shows the 89º issue with another object also.






After clicking ”lay flat” you’ll see it seems the object turns around a degree rather than flipping. Next movie shows the layers view mode.




Everything looks good. The picture however:




shows the aborted print, it is clear the brim and first layer is produced for approx. 50%, the bottom side is printed in the air.


Preview with different outcome, both not printed correctly:




When trying to reproduce the faulty procedure, I’d to try for some 20 times before it happened again. I can’t find a pattern in it. Sometimes it happens, the objects are being replaced after multiplying in a strange order. (not perpendicular) In the case that happens, there is always disorder in the first layers. It doesn’t matter if you restart Cura either way. (for good or for worse)


I’m especially curious, if there are more designers drawing their own objects, who are experiencing the same problem. I’ve never seen this problem when downloading stuff from thingyverse. But most off these people don’t draw with SW for as long I can see.


I tried Daid’s suggestion by cutting of the first layers with the “sink into the bottom”- feature and it helps making your way around the problem, but it sucks for measurements of course.




PS: I wrote this text in Word en copy pasted it, but that seems not to be working very well, sorry:-(


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Posted · Brim not complete

(Back after 2 weeks vacation)


I think this issue is related to the lay-flat algorithm, which isn't perfect right now. But I currently have no plan to improve this. Sorry...


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