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Cura won't connect at 250000 with Creality CR-10s Pro

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Posted · Cura won't connect at 250000 with Creality CR-10s Pro

In December I purchased a Creality CR-10s Pro direct from Creality.  It has been working fine with Cura 3.6, and I have become used to Cura.  Previously I had a Printrbot Plus 1404 and used Repetier Host for four years.

I recently upgraded the firmware to the Tiny Machines version for the CR-10s Pro, since it stores Z probing.  Unfortunately, that firmware also changed the USB speed to 250000.  I can no longer connect to the Creality printer with Cura 3.6 or 4.0 Beta.  The printer DOES connect with Repetier, Pronterface, and other 3D/CNC software.  It appears that Cura can connect at 115200 or 230400, but not 250000.  Is this correct, and if so, why can't it cnnect at that speed?


Are others having this problem?


Thank you.  Terry Fox, N4TLF

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