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i've installed the second extruder and updated my firmare. both hotends heat up and both extruder motors are working.

also added these changes in cura, head offset calibration is working.

but now when i'm opening 2 stl files and merge them for dual (in normal view theyre shown correctly) cura is not using the 2nd extruder. in gcode view theres only the toolpath for the first, toolpath for the 2nd is completely missing...


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am i the only one unable to dual extrue in cura 13.06.04 ?

it's working ith slic3r but print quality is not even near to cura :/


It's working with me... I'm using a Ulticontroller, for one or another reason my 13.06.04 doesn.t work with the usb cable.

I have a lot of experimenting and adjusting to do, but it prints 2 colors :)


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Hard to tell from the pictures, you have to be sure that the 2 different stl, one for each color, have the same origin.

I would think something is wrong with the model perhaps?

Have you made the model yourself or downloaded it?

If I had to draw something like this.

I use autodesk 123D, but should work the same in most programs.

Draw one box, split it a few times. Don't move physically anything.

make 2 new empty parts and move, in your structure browser, the boxes by color.

Save the parts by color in 2 seperate stl files.

Open them together in cura and merge with the right mouse button.

That's how it should work . :???:


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Nice! at least you van start printing :).

Glad mine is +0.3

I'm figuring out for myself how to make the printhead more sturdy, it's a little bit "wackelig" now.

It can hit the the 2 rear platform levelling screws, or something curled up from the lower layer and then you can start all over again.


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I've set the 2nd extruder offset to zero in cura settings an added the offsets manually to the start2 gcode

its just 2 lines :

M218 T0 X0 Y0 ;sets head offset

M218 T1 X-21.6 Y0 ;sets head offset


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