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Strange Ringing Issue

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Posted · Strange Ringing Issue


I'm new to this forum and look forward to be part of this community.


I'm having a weird printing issue that I'm not how to describe.

It looks like a ringing problem, but also not...

When there is a feature on the wall of a print it seems to translate to artifacts elsewhere on the print but on the same layers.

In the pic attached, the artifact to the left (circled) is due to a blind hole on the other side of the part. The other walls of the print looks nice and smooth (but there is no features on those walls).

I had true ghosting issues before and it's now much better after putting the printer on some hard foam.

I did a cube print just before this one with only 1 shell layer and hollow inside when I calibrated my extruder (thought that might be the issue) but it printed perfectly.


I'm using Cura 3.6.0.

Print speed was 60mm/s with outer perimeter at 40mm/s.

Printed with PLA.


I made sure all the belts are tensioned and the bearings are good.


Any suggestions would be most welcome.



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