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Cura has issues starting

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Posted · Cura has issues starting

My current workflow when trying to get Cura to start:

  1. I click the Cura icon.
  2. After several seconds, there's no sign it has started.
  3. I click again.
  4. Still no response.
  5. I wait for several minutes. It still hasn't started up.
  6. I click manically on the icon dozens of times like a Starcraft 2 player on speed.
  7. The program starts up fairly quickly...dozens of times.
  8. I close down the extra instances, and start using the program.


What is going on here? I'm using the latest stable version of Cura on Windows 10, on an i5 laptop with 8 GB RAM and an SSD - i.e. not a slow computer, and no other programs show this behaviour.

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Posted · Cura has issues starting

Hi Piphil i have the same problem!

But Cura 3.5 start without issue. 



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