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Quality issue printing pin on Ultimaker S5

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Posted (edited) · Quality issue printing pin on Ultimaker S5

HI to all


I am printing a casing for a customer of mine, but as there are many of them ordered, I print on 2 UM3E, 1 UM S5 and a highly modified Mankati XT Plus (Duet3d, Bondtech, E3D V6)

All printers are using 0.6 nozzles with ColorFabb PLA Economy White (3dSolex Hardcore for the Ultimaker). I use Simplify 3D for the Mankati slicing and Cura 4,0 for the Ultimakers.


I have an issue printing 2 small 2mm pins which are a bit touchy to print with a 0,6 nozzle, but I manage to have something acceptable :


Pretty good results on the Mankati



Acceptable on the UM3E after a bit of trimming with a scalpel (not done on the picture).




Clearly unacceptable on the S5 even after a bit of tweaking. Too much over extrusion and striging




First I have set the UM S5 with the very same parameters as the UM3E, except travel speed and equalize filament flow. But the results were even worse than on the picture.

UM3E_boitier repaired.3mf


So I have tweaked a bit (lower temp, combing within infill to force Z hop, infill line width to 0.55, Outer before inner walls, removed equalize filament flow) but still it is not acceptable.

There is a retraction before the move from the frame to the pin and from one pin to another, but no z hop and the head is crashing into the print.

Increasing the travel speed might be an option as it seems to work on the UM3E with 250 mm/s, but Cura prevents increasing the travel speed even to 200 mm/s on the S5.

What's the maximum travel speed on the S5 ? Nothing on the tech specs...


UMS5_boitier repaired.3mf


Thanks for your feedback



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Posted · Quality issue printing pin on Ultimaker S5

I have completed my order, but with some quality issues on the S5.


I have played with the combing to realize that retraction was a good culprit as with no combing, I still have the issue on my cylinders and lots of stringing.

So I have increased it to 8mm and 35 mm/s, and the result was much better.

I have also decreased the temp by 5°C.


These setting provide an acceptable but not good print due to striging and still over sized cylinders.


Advice much appreciated !


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