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Ultimaker 3 dual extrusion issue (PVA + CPE)

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Posted · Ultimaker 3 dual extrusion issue (PVA + CPE)
Hi, all
I have been using Ultimaker for 2 years now
and recently started using PVA (from Ultimaker) with different Co-polyesters
(CPE from ultimaker, XT and NGen from ColorFabb)
While small prints had no problems, big prints have issues.
Basically, PVA support tend to collapse at certain regions (and sometimes at specific layers)
although first layer adhered to the build plate pretty well.
image.thumb.png.6b554a58c5c6b895c5b88644841a9cf0.png        image.thumb.png.dc99534c873c3db543884e7c033eed9d.png 
I have seen a lot of post regarding humidity control of PVA filament.
What I did was make DIY filament container with desiccants like shown below.
Also, the PVA is fairly new (opened a couple of weeks ago and stored in the same container)
Should I dry the PVA in an oven as well??
Here are some more details regarding print settings:
Printing Temp: 240 deg. C
printing speed: 55 mm/s
cooling: 50% after few first layers
Printing Temp: 215 deg. C
printing speed: 35 mm/s
cooling: 50% after few first layers
Build plate type: Glass
Build plate Temp: Initially 70 deg. C ==> raised to 80 deg. C
I am thinking possible causes as below
leveling error, xy offset, residual sticking to nozzle and collapsed with printed part, low printing temp , or humidity of PVA
If you had similar problems or know how to fix this,
it will be greatly appreciated.

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