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Change log of Cura and packaged firmware?

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Posted · Change log of Cura and packaged firmware?

Hi Daid,

I wonder if you could include the change log (or link to it) of changes done between each new Cura release? (Change from/to each of the earlier releases)

Preferrably directly in the user interface in Cura.

For example now the latest Pre-release of 13.09, I would like to know:

- What improvement/bug fixes has been made that affect the original Ultimaker

- What changes has been made to support the Ultimaker2?

- What improvement/bug fixes has been made that affect the dual extrusion upgrade?

Also, the firmware that is packaged with each Cura release might be different from another Cura release, but it seems a bit hard to tell because currently it says "Upgrade to Marlin firmware", but not what "revision" of the firmware....

I'm wondering whether it would have benefit to my as an original Ultimaker owner to "upgrade" through the "Upgrade to Marlin firmware" från 13.09 Pre-release or not.

Thanks for satisfying my curiosity... :)



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Posted · Change log of Cura and packaged firmware?

Firmware is still the same, we talked about this last week at Ultimaker, to improve this firmware scenario, detecting which firmware version is on your machine and asking the user only to upgrade if it's outdated.

Changes in the GCode generation: (Compared to 13.06)

* New support material.

* Infill is aligned, so it no longer shifts with the model. Making for stronger infill

* Expert setting: Minimal skirt length, which adds more skirt lines to make sure the nozzle is primed.

* Better handling of 100% infill

* Support material in dual-extrusion can be done with the primary, secondary of both nozzles.

* Option to always retract instead of combing.

* Minimal travel for retraction option

* Some bug fixes for multiple-object printing

Changes in the GUI:

* Add multiple machine settings for when you have more then 1 machine. Each machine has it's own machine size, serial port settings, and a few other configuration settings. This makes it easier to switch between UM2, UM-Original or a RepRap printer.

* Allow dropping gcode/ini files into Cura

* YouMagine upload feature

* (Possible fix for 250000 baud on Linux, untested)

* Show how far the printing is on the 3D window when printing with USB

* Better AMF support for dual-extrusion

There also have been changes for a multi-language Cura, but the only language is English right now.


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