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Confused with new UI anyone ?

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Posted (edited) · Confused with new UI anyone ?

I have been 3d printing for years. 90% of all my prints were with old cura.

Yet i am almost unable to use this new design.


Countless menus allover accessing same settings from different angles.

Profile and Material and Extruder and Machine seem to be tweaking each other automatically.


Print speed. Default print speed.  What the hell is print speed these days ?????????????????

Initial print speed. Initial layer print speed.  WHOA ? Isnt it all the same thing ? (unless i am a rocket scientist, it is)

Top/Bottom Thickness. Top Thickness. Top Layers. What THE HELL ??? I have no idea how to answer this riddle !!!!

Wall Thickness 1.5mm (unable to change Grayed out) Wall line Count 1. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE with 0.5mm nozzle and 100% flow ??????????



I am afraid to click anything. If i click another profile, everything becomes SCREWED UP !.

Importing previously "tweaked to perfection" profiles imports a whole lot a NONSENSE !


If i created new machine and created new profile with all the tweaks i need and REALIZED i did not set correct extruder information, once i correct it, everything will change automatically and i have to go manually fix things AGAIN !


Changing one changes something else.


Cura gained its popularity due to simplicity and functionality. Did the team go south ? What forced such dramatic change ?

Who took over Cura? Get off of it please and leave, leave very far away and never come back.



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