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Temp errors on Ultimaker Original

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Posted · Temp errors on Ultimaker Original

I use an UMO, and I'm having some problems with the temperature. I'll try to be as detailed as possible.


When I turn on the printer I usually get the MINTEMP error, and this happens when the nozzle is cold (room temp is about 22C). If I touch the back of the TC Board (little board on top that connects to TC) or even bring my hand close to it the temp reading goes up a bit, sometimes just above 12C or sometimes even room temperature. So I keep my hand like this close to the TC board until I can get the nozzle to heat up a bit via the Ulti Controller and once temp is above something like 50C the readings are above MINTEMP and I can remove my hand and proceed to printing and using the UMO.


I'm aware this is not ideal as the temp readings are probably not accurate, and also I notice large fluctuations in temperature readings even when the nozzle is hot. I've tried using the different colored cables that connect to the temp1 in the PCB, and this helped as with the other cable I was only getting 0C reading, also checked the small little cables that go to the green sensor on the TC board and on the PCB end as well.


If I remove the red and yellow cables from the TC board, the reading goes to 330ishC (can't remember exact reading) and MAXTEMP gets triggered.


I was hoping to find a definitive solution, as I even had a spare TC board shipped back in the day when I was having this problem. I did try with both TC boards, and same thing happens.



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