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New to Cura - 1st Layer Problems

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Posted · New to Cura - 1st Layer Problems

I am just trying CURA for the first time and I am not getting smooth 1st layers and I am not sure if its an issue with settings in CURA or something to do with machine settings like Z offset or Esteps, etc.


My machine is a CR-10 - MicroSwiss All Metal Hotend with .80 nozzle.  

Filament is Hatchbox PLA at 220c


I am using Generic PLA 0.8mm Nozzle - Draft Quality 0.32mm and the machine is set up using the CreawsomeMod - however, prior to the CreawsomeMod I had the same issues with the first layer.


The roughness is really at the end if each extrusion start/stop points, etc.



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