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Understanding Start Code Tab

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First, let me say Great Work! I'm a new user coming from other slicing software and Cura has made a significant improvement in the quality of my prints.

The transition to Cura was straightforward except for how the start code is determined. I first set the machine to use 1 extruder and modified the start code to reflect the behaviour I wanted. That worked just fine. Then when I set the machine to 2 extruders, a new start code was listed as Start2.gcode. I assumed that this is where I should put my modifications to use for a dual extruder print. However, when I save and look at the gcode file, it is still using the first Start.gcode and not the Start2.gcode.

Can someone explain this behaviour? What do I have to do to get Cura to use either code?

Thanks in advance and once again.... Great Work!



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Right now, Cura uses the start.gcode for prints with 1 color, and start2.gcode for dual color prints. For prints with dual-extrusion-support-material it uses start.gcode which is a bug. (fixing it right now)


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