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Help with retraction !!!

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Posted · Help with retraction !!!


I just got a Ender 3 and a roll of PLA and i got started printing.

Still haven't figure out if Simplify3D or Cura is better for me, i like that Cura has many settings but i just CANT'S FIGURE OUT HOW TO CONFIGURE THE RETRACTION FOR MY PRINTER IN CURA!


In Simplify3D i have set 4.5mm retraction distance and 80mm/s retraction speed and i get PERFECT results on basic retraction test https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2563909/

This is the Gcode from Simplify3D


G1 X109.916 Y118.703 E273.06705

G0 F3600 X109.902 Y119.729

G1 F4800 E268.56705                         ;RETRACT
G0 F3600 X109.916 Y101.297 Z6.000 ;JUMP
G1 F4800 E273.06705                         ;PUSH


On Cura with those settings the results are a disaster.

This is the Gcode from Cura


G1 F600 X110.143 Y99.866 E59.23949
G1 F4800 E54.73949                         ;RETRACT
G0 F600 X110.143 Y99.866 Z7.4
G0 F9000 X111.315 Y101.715
G0 X112.147 Y120.292                     ;JUMP
G0 X112.018 Y120.797
G0 X111.756 Y121.275
G0 X111.382 Y121.672
G0 X110.924 Y121.963
G0 X110.631 Y122.057
G0 X110.084 Y122.151
G0 X109.971 Y120.39
G1 F4800 E59.23949                       ;PUSH


I know that with different settings like 6mm distance and 25mm/s speed Cura gives much better results but they are not PERFECT.

How can i fix that so Cura outputs the same Gcode as Simplify3D so i won't have stringing ???

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