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Large Printing PLA Fail

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Posted · Large Printing PLA Fail

I'm new in the 3D printing community and maybe my questions or problems are stupids.

I recently Got an Ultimaker 3 at work and I have some difficulties to make it work correctly. 
When I launche the print of a small part in black PLA and PVA support from ultimaker using cura fine profile. There's no problem but when I multiply the pices on the pannel to print 20 parts as once. My black PLa seems to got stuck. After 5-10 layers, the black pla stop printing but the feeder continue to pull. It makes the boden tube jump form motor. See Pics ?

Is there any settings to look away for this ? 

I've already removed the filament, cut the flatened part and retry a lot of time but this problem seems to only occure when I print large parts. 

I putted the g code of a parts who works and the g code of a plenty of parts on the same pannel who don't works.

I have already read the following articles




Sorry for my bad english it's not my first language.







DontWork_BigSinglePart.gcode DontWork_PlentyLittleParts.gcode Work_SingleLittlePart.gcode WorkingLittlePart.STL.stl

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