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Different slicing settings on different layers

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Posted (edited) · Different slicing settings on different layers

Hi guys.


In the past I have used Cura 14.7. Then I`ve started with "Simplify 3D" which is a nice and good program.

But their pressure  to be online is quite annoying and inpractical for my offline workstations.

Cura 4 looks promising with all their new functions and detailed settings.

But there is one tool which I have not found till now.

Is there any chance to put different settings on different layers. Lets say from layer 0-30 settings..xxx, from layer 31-60 settings..xx .... and so on.

This function is on "Simplify 3D" and it is vital for my parts I am printing.


Is there an plugin or tool in cura which is able in a simple way to achieve this ?


Thank you in advance, elysio.


By the way there was in Cura 14.7 an plugin which called "swap ant Z1.1" But it was very basic and had no visual feedback where you have changed the settings, there were no list etc. which gave you an oversight over all your different layers and settings.

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