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X-offset with PVA

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Posted · X-offset with PVA

Hi everyone,


I've had a strange issue when printing with PVA supports lately... There seemed to be an offset between the PLA and the PVA support. So naturally I did an X-Y calibration, which surprisingly gave me 0 offset on either axis. According to the test everything was aligned correctly. So I decided to try and print a simple T shape to have some concrete evidence. I stopped the print after the first layer to measure the offset.


So I appear to be having a 4.5 mm X-offset with my printer, but I have absolutely zero clue as to where that could come from... Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome!!


I used Cura 4.4 and an Ultimaker 3. Print material is generic white PLA and the PVA is the one that was delivered with the printer.


Many thanks!





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