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Line Widths Linked inexplicably?

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Posted (edited) · Line Widths Linked inexplicably?


I reinstalled CURA to have a clean build, created two dual extruder FFF printers, and as far as CURA's concerned their only differences are the first printer ("CM2") has one 0.6 mm nozzle and one 0.4 mm, the other ("D3H") has both 0.4 nozzles.


EDIT: It looks like it's not the printer, but the profile. 




I don't see anything in the definitions that should make them behave different - perhaps it's some other setting I have I don't know about, and perhaps it isn't... If somoene knows, I'd really appreciate being able to use my small nozzle for detail work.

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Posted · Line Widths Linked inexplicably?

Oh, it could be that the profile was developed on a machine with one extruder disabled..... Still digging....

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