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My model is not being rendered correctly anymore

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Posted · My model is not being rendered correctly anymore

Hi everyone, I seem to be running into a strange problem. I am modeling some parts currently. I modeled the first one in, exported it and put it into Cura, it rendered perfectly. I exported it and printed it and it was perfect. No issues at all. Here is the part in blender and the final product:



I modeled the second part i need, and now it is being rendered all weird with in Cura. It looks perfectly fine in blender however. I took many different approaches to modeling it to try and solve the problem. It is still doing the same thing. Here is the new part I am having trouble with:



Here is what that part looks like in Cura: 



I started to think "Maybe it is the Cura software?" So I put back the original part that I modeled and printed at first that turned out perfect and now that one is being rendered weird as well. Here is what that original part looks like now in Cura:


I don't remember changing anything in Cura, but i may have by accident. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I tried removing and reading my printer. Still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Thank you, 

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Posted · My model is not being rendered correctly anymore

It seem's like something in your STL that cura doesn't like... Try installing the mesh fixer plugin.

It will give you a message if there is a problem with your STL.


If you want you can also share your STL here so someone else can try to open it and see if the same thing occurs.

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