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Dimensional accuracy issue with Ultimaker S5 using Cura v4.4.0

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Posted · Dimensional accuracy issue with Ultimaker S5 using Cura v4.4.0
Ever since Cura v4.4 was released with the new intent-based profiles, I have found that I'm having some dimensional accuracy issues when printing on the S5.
I used the Engineering Profile, which is supposed to provide the greatest dimensional accuracy, but the resulting parts do not fit like they should.
I have been printing e-NABLE hand devices with my S5 ever since I got it, and it has always worked great. But using Cura v4.4.0, I printed an e-NABLE hand, and none of the parts would fit together. I could not get the pins into the holes, even using a great deal of force.
I also recently printed a bunch of these USB Flash Drive Cryptex cases. The rings were much tighter than they should be and were difficult to rotate once installed.
Here's the thing... I did both of the above prints on the Ultimaker S3, using the same version of Cura, exact same settings, and the same material, and in both cases, the prints came out perfectly. The e-NABLE hand parts fit perfectly, and the rings on the cryptex holder moved easily and smoothly. So I'm not sure if the issue is related to Cura's print profiles for the Ultimake S5 or something with the S5 firmware.
I'm hoping it's something related to the Cura profile settings, as that would be an easy fix. I just installed Cura v4.4.1 but have not had time to test this again to see if it has changed.
Has anyone else encountered this issue with the latest version of Cura and the Ultimaker S5? Any suggestions?

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Posted (edited) · Dimensional accuracy issue with Ultimaker S5 using Cura v4.4.0

Perhaps this is a bit annoying to hear but have you checked tention on your belts and oild your sliding rods, etc.





Given that it works on a different printer... I have just done some prints with the engineering profiles on an S5 and they came out fine... That was sliced with the 4.4.0 beta, not sure if that matters.



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