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  1. You can also import the material into cura, if it is connected to your printer then upon restarting cura it will sync materials with the printer.
  2. The spool should rotate back during the unloading. Please verify if the roller on the bottom of the bay rotates during the unload. If not you may have a broken rewinder. When you sent a print job the machine will attempt to load the materials you sliced for, so slice for a different material and it will unload the current one first. The matching is exact same type of material. So to stop it from unloading you can use the skip cool down button at the end of a print and then quickly start a print with the materials that are loaded at that time. Currently it tries to unload before you can start a new print, this will also change in the future so that you'll have a window of time to sent a print job with the same materials before they are unloaded.
  3. I hope this was a print head communication error? The most likely culprits (in my experience) are: - the pins in the print head connecting to the printcore are dirty, dust and grease can make this happen, just clean them with some alcohol and a q-tip. - the cable could have developed breaks and might need to be replaced. - the cable can start to move, it is claimed in by the print head but wear can make it start moving. A bit of tape around the cable right where it is clamped could stop this. Given the recent change of printcore after never changing it the first one would really be my bet. Let us know if it helps!
  4. Hence the gently, but yeah if necessary you might have to ope the Bowden tubes there too. @D95 The ER54's most likely reason is that the filament tip was not making it trough the decoupler or into the S5 feeder caused by being slightly bent or cut of flat. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52941-filament-loading-unsuccessful-er54 We will definitely be working on makeing guides to get you out of the material station errors. And indeed in the current solution where you are forced to solve the problem and then reboot the printer is not user friendly. Indeed, the moving back and forth is combined with retractions that combined cause the filament to fall off, as a programmer I would have preferred the bucket and flap solution. I too have thought of printing a collection bucket 😁 but this may act as support for the material then causing it not to fall off. The amount of filament purged is about twice the volume that is liquid(ish) inside the core so this ensures fresh material will be used in the print, this is actually super useful with materials that degrade faster. We will be making the purge less in the future as well. It also looks like more when extruded trough a 0.4 mm nozzle. I realise that hearing about future plans does not help you now and they may never be realized, however maybe it helps to know that we know these issues will need to be improved upon. Thanks for the feedback! Don't hesitate to ask questions or share your experiences. We can use that to inform decisions about which bits to work on next. P.S: We do have a long history of apparently useless wiggles, such as the "useless" move at the start of the print which resets the print head switch to a known state. P.P.S: We also have a history of blocking errors that require a reboot to clear, I'm happy that they did not previously show up often and am sorry if they are a bit more prevalent now.
  5. This is intended behaviour bed leveling will start after both materials (if your print uses both) are loaded, in the mean time the buildplate is heating up, so not all of the time is lost on this new part of the print procedure. This purge behaviour is also triggered when you try to change a printcore that was not previously purged and deprimed, the printer keeps track of this and doesn't know that you manually removed the material. There is no older firmware that supports the material station and as far as I can understand nothing unintentional is happening. Have you tried letting the printer continue?
  6. @wessam this issue was specifically about the pulled version, I hope you are not using that version but 5.4.27. If you still have this problem please be more specific in you problem description because we can't help you or fix the problem you are experiencing if we can't reproduce the same problem here.
  7. As long as the filament is loose from the printcore it is fine to gently pull it out trough the material station. Define goes crazy? The purge on the side behaviour is meant to form the filament into a nice tip so it can be pulled back past the printer feeder reliably.
  8. You could consider disabling the prime blob which is currently the default in Cura. But the overall string print makes me think you may have left a BB printcore in there for the silver material, if so try it with an AA printcore.
  9. Basically yes, a GUID stands for globally unique identifier also known as UUID (universally unique identifier). They are randomly assigned in an address space big enough to make collisions extremely unlikely(unless we approach billions of materials). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier
  10. Both yes and no. Cura already overextrudes a bit to create a squishy first layer so extra squis is intended. But any error in height is unintended. There are many tiny errors that all add up, we are trying to understand where they all come from so it's likely we will make an update in the future to iliminate this as well as the one caused by temperature differences in the printcore. It will take quite a while though...
  11. You might also have tightend the screws on your buildplate too much. Please first make sure your buildplate bottom to top distance is set to about (I think 14 mm, not at the office so I can't verify this right now), then manually level the buildplate while keeping the total distance close to this number. Then you could try active leveling again.
  12. The use of the material station in the manner you describe is not the intended use case, it was not designed to switch materials that often. The switching would be super slow(due to the depriming which allows the material to still fit trough all the Bowden tubes and couplings after printing) and because you may have 10.000's of switches which will make the likelihood of failures during your print fairly high. In conclusion, doing this every couple of layers would be unfeasible. There is also no way to do so in cura. I admit I could hack some gcode together that does this anyway but this is intentionally undocumented and not selectable from Cura.
  13. Yes, you have to make it a unique type, and unique GUID by editing those fields in the XML, we're probably doing the same thing except that you can get cura to upload the XML files to the printer.
  14. Perhaps this is a bit annoying to hear but have you checked tention on your belts and oild your sliding rods, etc. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50678-check-tension-of-short-belts https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/150-lubricating-the-axles https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/50679-check-for-play-on-axles Given that it works on a different printer... I have just done some prints with the engineering profiles on an S5 and they came out fine... That was sliced with the 4.4.0 beta, not sure if that matters.
  15. Any material profiles you have in cura get send to the printer when it's connected via network, restart cura to trigger this. You can just import you material profile into cura, no need for 3rd party tools. If I make an export of an existing generic material, edit the name and type and GUID!, and import that material again then restart cura, wait a moment and I can select the new material... The software does check if you have all the info for the material station and that info is subject to change still, if you get ER64 then you should get your base material profile from the http://github.com/ultimaker/fdm_materials repo.
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