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  1. You might have more luck if you ask this in the Cura forum, or presumably you could check for firmware support from creality.
  2. that's a shame the 5.2.11 can be found here: http://software.ultimaker.com/releases/firmware/stable/ Or for unbricking purposes from sd card http://software.ultimaker.com/releases/firmware/stable/ We are working on the ER998 occurrences and will introduce software to better track these kinds of problems!
  3. @Remote-Pizza I would simply advise you to turn off the prime blob, this is currently the default in Cura AFAIK. Or in the case of a 3d party slicer modify the G280 line to read G280 S1 making sure that no G92 is following this. G280 S1 sets the retracted length away from the nozzle as the negative e position so that G1 E0 meant the filament is at the tip of the nozzle (assuming no oozing or expansion).
  4. We've been working on that all of last week, it's almost finished. We will now catch this earlier and allow the user to fix it, it will still PAUSE the print as in that case the break failed, so the printer can't detach the filament from the printhead and it will need the user to help before it can continue. It is likely this will be in the next firmware update, 5.6.x. The exact contents of that update is still TBD (To Be Determined) so I'm not 100% sure.
  5. @RudydG's saying the problem of not being able to turn off the light is there again. I'm not sure about the UM2 and I don't think it was a problem for the S5 but for the UM3 it certainly was added a bit later on. The only thing I can suggest is tell your resellers as well, the more people request something the sooner it is made.
  6. The coming update finishes the air-manager integration,, it's out NOW! Here's a copy of the release notes: # Release 5.5.12 Firmware 5.5.12 brings functional improvements and bug fixes: - Users can manually reset the lifetime counter of the Air Manager filter after replacing it - To prevent any damage, Ultimaker S5 stops when having communication issues with the Air Manager - Improved reliability when unloading material to the Material Station (ER61) - Ultimaker S5 guide the user through the process of Air Manager Filter Replacement - Air Manager set up steps are now present in the Welcome wizard For full release notes, visit **Ultimaker.com/firmware** ## How to update Users running firmware 5.1.94 or newer can update directly to 5.5.12. When running an older version than 5.1.94, make sure to update to the stepping stone firmware 5.1.94 first. For more information, go to **Ultimaker.com/firmware**
  7. That issue is in the top 30~ish So right now you have version 5.4.x and it looks like 5.5 will be released soon, we're talking about releasing 5.6 soon afterward. This has not been fixed yet so I'd expect it in 5.7 or later. If you have need of this I would suggest contacting your reseller support. With regard to the material station we have been working on reducing unrecoverable errors, making the whole process faster, fixing bugs, etc.
  8. @SandervG couldn't direct message the attachments to me could you? or maybe @Robot_Rob, could you send them to me? I'm missing the zipped general purpose logs. and the spliced file :D
  9. the TL;DR is sent me logs and a sample and I might be able to find out more. long version: Thinking out loud(in text) here... The first thing that comes to mind is a corrupted/broken usb stick, that can cause similar problems, but you're printing via Ethernet... Try to use the UFP format, if you're not already that will likely detect corruption since it's a zip container. I assume you don't mean you use Cura to design, so are you slicing in some other program or designing your input in some other program? I assume blender and some other CAD tool? you tried OBJ output as well... (from the other cad tool as well?) Not really most of everything is passed trough and if Cura generated the output so it should be good for our printer. The only bit of code that can go wrong is this. while True: line_count += 1 line = f.readline() if len(line) < 1: break # Skip empty lines. line = line.strip() # We can get bytes back, but from now on we work with strings, so convert them. if type(line) is bytes: line = line.decode("utf-8") if len(line) == 0: continue if line.startswith(";"): self._time_estimator.parseLine(line) self._parseMetaData(line) continue self._controller.queueGCode(line) if self._abort: self._controller.abortQueue() log.info("File handler aborted") break This is the only part that exception you got can come from. - The readline reads either plain text (in the case of a .gcode file) or reads from a zip stream (in case it reads from a .ufp file). the reading from the zip stream could fail, IO could fail for instance if a USB stick is removed during printing. - The line has to be valid utf-8, this is where file corruption usually goes wrong. - The timeEstimation and _parseMetaData could cause errors, they do assume the lines that start with: ;LAYER: ;LAYER_COUNT: ;TIME_ELAPSED: That there is a integer following the first 2 and a float following the last, if that is not the case it will break there... obviously the abort is not set so. You could send me the logs of the print, you can dump the logs to usb via maintenance -> diagnostics -> dump logs to usb. Maybe include a sample failing ufp or gcode file, if printing from USB please also include the file read back from the usb stick.
  10. There is error detection on this link, so marlin messing up because of bad communication is unlikely, anything that gets garbled is resent. Reading files from a corrupted USB stick is more in line with things I've seen but the UFP file format should prevent printing from a corrupt file. Bad communication can happen, often because of environmental conditions or a bad cable, the worst this should cause is stops and slowdowns degrading print performance. If you believe this to be the problem and want to check this you could enable developer mode and log in as the ultimaker user and when you get the prompt run `exec self._controller.getDriver().getErrorCounts()` if you get huge numbers of read errors try turning off other machines in the printers surroundings.
  11. That sounds like a fairly PRO feature IMHO, and it if is the distance of speed those moves are not distinguishable by the printer from other moves, so speed and amount of retract would be quite difficult to tweak. A possible workaround is not that difficult though, if it is not the retraction amount or speed but the jerk and such then those settings are changed for travel moves and extrusion moves so if you remove those from your sliced file you could enable developer mode and log in as the ultimaker user, then use the sendgcode to try different values during the print. Yeah, that I get, we may be able to get stuff like this included, hidden under a switch in the settings menu in the future. As to the disclaimer: I did test this twice and did not brick any printers but I don't want anyone to get mad if this goes wrong in any way.
  12. yes, to idea, nope to the interface. The telnet interface is an air-manager/material-station debugging tool only. There are a few http API's though which do allow for led control of the printer AFAIK. http://<your-printer-ip>/docs/api/#!/Printer/put_printer_led_brightness You do need to use the authentication for that one. the attached file might help with authentication if you want to build that. um3.zip
  13. I mean the new purge material next to the buildplate behavior we build for the material station. This is currently not being used on a standalone S5/UM/S3 etc. This is done to create a more consistent tip on the filament when it is being unloaded and makes sure you start with the material you intended to when loading. But it also helps because when you purge between the same material we at least get rid of the degraded material in the tip of the nozzle. This reduces clogs because without the added pressure of extruding close to the buildplate it is easier to get rid of hardened/carbonized plastic.
  14. I don't think heating up the nozzle has any significant impact to it's lifespan, our stress tests show very little wear/tear from continuously extruding (non abrasive materials, so no copper fill or carbon fill) material and being hot, though I don't think we've specifically done heat up/cool-down cycle testing. The material inside the nozzle will degrade by being heated up though and repeated heat ups without use can cause clogs, this seems very rare. The new purge behavior helps a lot in this regard.
  15. yeah, one 0 too many. fixed it above.
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