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  1. Every time the Material station boots up it tries to pull back the filament, when it appears to be moving freely(E.G the materials is not in the printer feeder or the printer feeder leaver is open) it will unload that material, This can then fail if the material is not deprimed (it is deprimed when you can see the material pulled back to above the printhead in the bowden tube and clearly not in the printcore). This must be what happens in your case because otherwise the printer won't go into the stage that can emit those errors on bootup. Do you have the feeder leaver opened up? it s
  2. yes, and we did plan that story, but then the argument was made this would take too much time and suddenly writing to usb sticks that then might be too small would also not be super great, so we did make some scripts to do exactly this but you'll have to ask support about it to get them + instructions. This flow does sadden me but testing and integrating this with the update process would indeed have taken a decent chunk of time... Yes I suppose, have you ever used dd? if not please don't, if yes then you already know how. Also 6.2.0 has been released, anyone here insta
  3. 1) the bed temperature: does it also show as way too hot on the temperature logging page? 2) the hotend: the most likely cause is the printhead's front fan not spinning correctly anymore this causes the hotends to heat up beyond the heat break and can be caused by very thin strands of filament ending up in the fan. The fact that your hotend melted the plastic at the top of the hotend probably means you have indeed baked you Teflon insert in the hotend (this shouldn't be heated to PLA melting temperatures!!! that damages it for sure). So like @gr5 said you should replace the hotends,
  4. This update resizes one partition and shrinks the location where we store all the prints in you queue... This does not happen every update, most updates have no such effect, but due to updating the whole OS and in the process everything seems to need more space.
  5. Nope, only with the firewall on. Firewall off actually still has the firewall but unblocks local website and API.
  6. Hotfix 6.1.1 is on the way for the issue we've identified, pending tests and approval. In some rare cases corrupted material profile files where giving problems and a small change in python's xml.etree.ElementTree library meant this caused the application not to start up. As a workaround you can turn off Cura and "reset all printer settings" in the settings menu before upgrading, that will allow you to install the 6.1.0 without the current problem. In the mean time if you have already gotten stuck at the logo screen, please open a support ticket as @SandervG said! Use the 6.1.0 recov
  7. did you try a settings -> "reset all printer settings" (used to be called "factory reset")
  8. it could be the Z is moving past the home point, please also check the Z end switch in the center of the botom panel on the UM3(E), if anything got stuck in there it could explain this maybe. Changing the starting point can be done by using G92 command in the start of your G code first do G0 X0 Y0 then A G92 X1 Y-1 or something to undo 1 mm of bending outward. you can edit this in machine settings in cura I believe.
  9. All networking data should be removed on a settings -> "reset all printer settings" (used to be called "factory reset") If you haven't already tried that, it might fix your problem. Otherwise version 6.1.0's new import network settings via USB might help as a workaround though this shouldn't be needed.
  10. It should definitely change!, it could be that you BB printcore was programmed as an AA printcore... unlikely as that seems, it would explain your other problem.... does the slot show as empty when the hotend is removed? (can be done without using the load/unload/change as long as no filament is keeping it in there)
  11. haven't seen anything like this, all I can say is check the material isn't ultimaker PVA iso generic natural PVA if that is what you sliced for, make sure you have a recent firmware version installed and make sure the nozzle is a BB core.
  12. since I haven't worked on the UM2+connect I'm not sure but you can always browse to www.ultimaker.com/ER207 which will tell you a tiny bit more... the important part in this one is probably: "Unfortunately this error most likely means there is a faulty component in the board. If you are encountering this error, please raise a support ticket."
  13. Thanks @bvsengineering for reporting this, I'll add the bug to the backlog and have a look. Will update when I know more! The switches are only actively used when homing... That has been the case since the UM2 and it does occasionally make printers create horrible noises like this 😞.
  14. It seems likely you are printing or have not clicked the confirm removal button on your print. Please confirm removal and/or abort or wait for any running print to finish completely. The printer will reboot so to preserve a running print we don't allow users to enable/disable this setting during printing. Can you check if that solves the problem for you?
  15. Perfect recovery strategy! I think @sj3fk3 might have missed that 😄 "S5 pro" is a bit ambiguous, is it a stand alone printer or with Material station attached?
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