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infill visible in final print?

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Posted · infill visible in final print?

Hello, I would like to ask you for help. I am currently new in 3d printing. That is why I humbly ask you to help.

I am printing Venom model right now and my prints are a little "furry" from bottom side. I am sure this is because of the settings, but I am just a newbie. Using cura, tree supports. It looks like the infill from bottom in cura, which I just discovered. It looks like an infill XXXXXX when I look directly from the bottom in cura.

Any ideas, please?


Thank you, Jan

creality cr10 pro


(just if you will wonder, why there is -15 for the bed temperature, I have something wrong with bed heating, is still shows -15, alle cables connected, don`t know what it can be so i faked it in cura to be able to complete my prints and then I will ask for repair)











profile venom export.zipprint04.thumb.PNG.ea1fd480c467d84d3f9ea767a1687002.PNG



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