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If this has been mentioned before ... sorry for the repetition .... 


If you are printing a part and feeding from bucket B on your material station along goes the print. You wander by and notice an alarming lack of filament on that spool. What can you do? Well, you can load another spool into bucket C *while* a print is in progress. How cool is that !! The normal load process works fine and the print keeps chugging along. Not (yet) sure if the same process works replacing a recently emptied spool ..... (say there was a spool in C and it's now empty, printing off of B, put a new one in C).


One of the "wonders" of having 750g spools on UM3's  and printing things that *always* seem to be over 375g is that I have a *lot* of short spools running around. 



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