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HELP with rescuing a failed print

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Posted (edited) · HELP with rescuing a failed print


Hello All,


I have a problem with a print that failed about halfway through during a 10-hour build. It was printing air when I woke up. After cleaning up the part, I see it failed at Layer #135. My problem is I am unsure about how to start another print so it can glue it to my existing half. I have already removed the part from the machine. 


  • My Machine is an IIIP-I3/Plus. (Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer)
  • The Software is, IIIP-Cura. (I'm not sure which build it is as there is no tab to check. It came with the machine in 2017 when purchased)
  • Print Material is, PLA


How do I restart the print on Layer #136? 

I'm still a noobie and have only printed a hand full of things in the last 2.5 years. Any help would be appreciated. 


I have uploaded the G-code file.





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Posted · HELP with rescuing a failed print

- edit your Gcode in notepad (assuming your on a windows machine)

- do a search for Layer:136

- Delete all the gcode prior to the start of Layer:136

- find the code below Layer:136 that starts with G0 and make note of the Z height.  It should read with a Z and a number immediately after that. example "Z14.2".  Also Note the closest E value to Layer:136.  Example "E0.01165"

- using my example numbers add this Gcode to the top.


G92 Z14.2 E0.01165


Save the gcode, home the printer, then start the print back up.  It should start printing correctly from that layer. 


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