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Estimated print time Vs. Actual print time

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Posted · Estimated print time Vs. Actual print time

I know this is an old subject, but has anyone else had issues with the S5 routinely exceeding the estimated print times by a significant margin?


For instance, I started a 28 hour print at noon on Saturday.  I can back into work at 6pm Sunday (30 hours later), and the print showed almost 5 hours remaining?  I don't seem to have this issue on my 3E, as in the estimated print times are usually spot on.

The more I think about it, I am wondering if this issue is related to Gyroid infill patterns?  Since it was added, I have been using that pattern almost exclusively.  And it seems like the prints when this occurs the most are prints will lots of infill.  I don't sit around to watch the prints in action, or time each layer, but I was wondering if anyone else uses Gyroid infill a lot and also has the prints take significantly longer than estimated?

Or, along the same lines, does anyone have experience getting print times in line with the estimate?  What infill are you using?

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    Posted · Estimated print time Vs. Actual print time

    I actually got time to watch a print in action today.  On the layers without infill, the time remaining counter on the display basically tracked with the clock.  On layers with infill, I started losing time (the time remaining did not keep up with the clock).  I lost about 30 minutes on this 8 hour print.  Once it got past the infill layers, it began tracking with the clock again.


    I need to try using a different infill on the next print job, to see if it is just a Gyriod issue, but that will have to be a different day.

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