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Support lines turn into Support zig-zag

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Posted · Support lines turn into Support zig-zag

I have set my Cura 4.5 to create support lines, when looking in the preview it clearly shows only creating lines as supports.
I have done this becouse the lines are easier to remove from some prints.

Now when i start printing the lines they turn into zig-zags. (See pictures)
I have tried messing around with the temperature (maybe it pulls to much from line to line) but this does not make a difference.
However with previous versions this worked perfectly however since upgrading to 4.5 this problem occurs.

It is not pulling extra feed from the previous line to string to the next line, it is just not retracting the fillament at the end and it acutally keeps feeding to create a zig zag pattern.

I am using these settings:
Support placement: Everywhere
Overhead angle: 20
Pattern: Lines
Support wall line count: 0 (i want just lines without any walls going around)
Density: 40%
Line distance: 1.05 mm (auto calculated)

Travel speed: 120 mm/s
Support speed: 20 mm/s

It seems like it is generating a zig zag pattern altho the settings are set to lines. It is not over extruding or stringing to the next line.

The foto's attached are recent supports of my latest print, altho they were not the hardest to remove, i would still prefer lines to be lines for future, more advanced, prints.

Is this a bug with the current version of Cura or is this something on my end, and if so what can i do to fix this?

The prints are comming out just fine, i has a little X axis problem earlier but that has been fixed.
No layer shifts or any problems at the moment.



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Posted · Support lines turn into Support zig-zag

Extra info:

Nozzel temp.: 185 to 195C
Bed temp.: 60 to 65C

Creality Ender 3.

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Posted (edited) · Support lines turn into Support zig-zag

I have done some experimenting with setting different support structures but i think this is looking more and more like a bug in Cura.

I set the support type to zig-zag.
It creates a zig zag pattern in the previeuw and a settings comes up "Connect support zig-zags".
I review the settings panel and i see 2 settings. "Connect support lines" and "Connect support zig-zags."

When i select zig zags the "Connect support zig-zags" option shows up on the settings panel on the right side of the screen.
But when i select "Lines" as the support type the "Connector support lines" settings does not show up, even though it has been selected to show in the settings panel.

I will disable both settings and try a test print tomorrow to see if this fixes my issue.

IF this is the problem then there is a bug where "Connect support lines" setting does not show up when selecting the "Lines" type of supports.
And when it is still enabled in the settings the preview window in Cura (after slicing) does not show these connections and only shows regular lines.


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Posted · Support lines turn into Support zig-zag

Alright, figured it out. For some reson "Limit retractions for supports" got enabled. Disabled this and now it will retract.

Printed with 20% supports which places them 1mm appart from eachother and the disabling of retractions turned this into zig zags. Disabled it and the zig zag is gone.

No worries.

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