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Possible setting addition for better printing results

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Posted · Possible setting addition for better printing results

Hey there!

I would like to start off by saying this is my first post and welcome any help anyone would like to offer. Also, I performed an extensive search and was unsuccessful at finding the information or settings I describe below.


I have a Qidi X-Max printer and have been trying to switch over to Cura due to all of the extra settings not included with the Qidi Tech's native slicer. However, one nice thing they have in their's is a setting under the Additions Section called "Print in Advance" that essentially connects the purge line to the skirt or brim (whatever build plate adhesion the user selects). I really would like to dial in my PETG settings as it is been 'interesting' to deal with to say the least, and dragging a blob of filament that got hung up on the nozzle right from the start isn't necessarily helping things. I have changed my start g-code to eliminate the purge line currently, and just go straight to the brim or skirt so that I can grab the last little bit of oozing filament before the bed raises up to the nozzle. I just added an extra line or two to help with it not being fully primed to start.


I have added a picture of what the actual print looks like with this setting enabled if that helps. It is hard to tell because the PETG is a very light green but it goes from right to left then connects to the skirt in the photo.


I've attached a screenshot of the Qidi Slicer to illustrate what I am saying.


In their GCode, it looks as if the slicer can tell the start of each print's location and just inputs the connecting line from the purge line with some type of script, but I am not sure how this could be added as I am still quite new to all of this. (screenshot of starting gcode plus the code that populates after enabling the setting also another screenshot comparing the two)


Again, I believe this could be done and I am game to help out the Devs with anything they need, but would love to be able to use Cura exclusively with its abundance of options, helpful Settings Guide, and just amazing open source application. 


Thanks in advance,


Print In Advance.JPG


print in advance sample.JPG


gcode comparison.JPG

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