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Software for Printrbot Metal Plus

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Posted · Software for Printrbot Metal Plus

I bought a Printrbot Metal Plus in late 2015, and I was able to use it with Cura (13.x, I think) at that time, and it worked well. 


I have recently come back to use the printer, but although Cura 15.4.0 has pronterface, providing feedback and allowing the calibration of the autolevel sensor, it does not seem usable.  The feedback window shows jibberish. 


I have tried Cura 4.5.0, but this does not seem to allow the adjustment.  I tried using the commands to reset the print head height (M212 command) in the monitor window where it indicates that g-code can be input, but it does not seem to affect the height.  Does anyone have an idea of what I need to do to be able to calibrate and print?





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