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Dialing in Taulman 910

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Posted · Dialing in Taulman 910

With all of the printing of PPE these days,  the workflow feeding the UM3 has allowed some time to get some other projects done.  Along the way I have been trying filaments that I had long wanted to use but didn't want to unpackage until needed.  I've run some Nylforce CF (nice stuff but takes tweaking for dimensions), Murano (super strong, dimensions also need tweaking),  Cheetah (which has really hit a few bullseyes) and now, Taulman 910.


I must admit that I have not mastered Nylon, at all.  I've looked at all the material I can including gr5's excellent tutorial.   I have some Ultimaker black Nylon which I can get OK (as in only slightly warped) but reasonable surface and dimensions out of.  Today I tried some Taulman 910, as I wanted to see how it did in terms of warping and strength.


Warping seems decidedly less than the Ultimaker nylon, but for my project (a hinge with a vertical barrel and horizontal mounting plate, so circular holes  on two planes normal to each other), it has been a challenge, with each tweak seeming to trade off print quality, dimensional accuracy and strength.


The primary dimension that I really can't mess up is the barrel, as this rotates on a hinge post.  My preference, then, was to print this with the barrel and mounting plate vertical, without supports for the two small holes through the plate.  Whereas I could get away with this using the Ultimaker nylon, the Taulman prints less evenly, resulting in a wavy vertical edge and warping along the narrow contact with the build plate, even with extensive brim. 


Lying the mounting plate flat yields excellent results on the mounting plate, better than I saw when printing with Ultimaker nylon and no warping at all.  Unfortunately, the barrel suffers.  Using the 910 as support material to protect roundness results in a bonded block of nylon support that can't be removed, so I am trying the print now with PVA support.  We'll see.


Right now, print settings are up to 260 for the nozzle, 70 for the build plate, 40 mm/s for the speed.  PVA coating on the print bed.  I've be grateful to hear the experience of others running 910 and learn what has worked best for you.


All the best, stay healthy!



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