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Help with tool change g code

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Posted · Help with tool change g code

Hi Everyone,


I have a Leapfrog Bolt Pro IDEX printer and I am having trouble with the tool change g code.


Issue 1 is that even though I have a M109 and M104 command at the start of the start gcode it will still generate a second set of commands which are after my nozzle wipe movements so this causes oozing before moving to print. I am not sure why it is doing it, I am running Cura master version 20200703.


Issue 2 is I am not sure how to get the extruder to retract after the purge/wipe movements, move to start the next layer and then prime the retracted amount. It seems to do it at the very start of the the print before the skirt but not at the tool change and my brain is now fried from trying to figure this out. I have attached the project and the generated g code from a file and the following is my start gcode for my right extruder (left is the same except for x movement and tool selection)


M109 S{material_print_temperature}

M104 T1 S175

G1 Y-32 F12000 ; move to wipe Y position

G91 ; set to relative

G1 E15 F200 ; extrude 15mm

G4 S2

G92 E0 ;zero extruder

G1 X290 F12000 ; perform wipe sequence

G1 X367 F12000

G1 X290 F12000


If anyone can fix this for me I will love you for ever and of course happy to pay for the help if it takes up too much time.

Styram 1.gcode Styram 1.3mf

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Posted · Help with tool change g code

Yeah its super annoying. Im seeing random M104 in the middle of my gcode. It basically starts heating the 2nd extruder before the tool change script. Its not like its even doing it just before it. No idea why its doing this.

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Posted · Help with tool change g code

I think it's supposed to do that to reduce time spent idle while heating up to reduce print time.

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