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Avoid Printed Parts During Extruder Change

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Posted (edited) · Avoid Printed Parts During Extruder Change

When our S5 pro is just getting ready to finish a layer with one extruder, I can see the second extruder starting to heat up by a blob of material (breakaway white) oozing out.  I've been trying to reduce the number of these blobs that get knocked off in my prints by increasing nozzle switch retraction distance, and lowering the extruder temperature for the 2nd extruder.  This has given mild success, especially with a prime tower.  My question is about the avoid printed parts and supports when traveling settings.  These seem like a great idea, and work as the extruder travels throughout a single layer, but when it finishes, the extruder makes a beeline to the extruder change/nozzle switch location, independent of how many parts and supports it travels over.  And since the 2nd extruder has already started to ooze by that point, many times it gets knocked off on a part during that travel.  

Is it supposed to avoid parts and support during that travel to switch nozzles (with both avoid parts and avoid supports options checked) and it just isn't working for me?  If not I feel like that should be implemented.

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