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Separate thin skin sections with Top Surface Skin setting causing underextrusion

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Posted · Separate thin skin sections with Top Surface Skin setting causing underextrusion

Hey all, I've been having an issue and am hoping to get some advice and thoughts. I use the “Top surface skin layers” option and find it very helpful for dialing in the surface quality to my liking, but I've had an issue on some objects with curved top surfaces. “Top surface” creates 2 different types of skin on the layer below the top surface, and prints them separately (understandably), but on curved surfaces this sometimes creates incredibly thin sections of separate skin. Even sometimes, like in this example, where that section of skin will be completely covered by the next layer and is therefore unnecessary. My main issue is that the extrusion rate is so low on these sections that the nozzle looses pressure and significant underextrusion will follow in the next section, causing gaps.

I've attached some screenshots. First, what the model looks like, then different views of the layer in question (right below the top skin layer). Also a photo-shopped cutaway showing that this thin skin section is indeed completely covered by the next layer.

I've tried changing all the “skin” related settings (removal, expand, max angle, etc) with no change. The only thing that will get rid of it, short of not using Top Skin, is additional skin wall lines, which sometimes is alright but other times doesn't suit my needs. Is there anything else I should try?

I also attached the project file. I'd appreciate any thoughts you may have. Thank you!

cura screenshot 1.jpg


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