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How can I make startup GCode that depends on the nozzle diameter?


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Posted (edited) · How can I make startup GCode that depends on the nozzle diameter?

Hi everyone. I've tried looking in the online guides for this but I can't seem to find anything. I'm using Klipper firmware and I want to set the pressure advance based on the nozzle diameter. Is that something I can do in Cura? Basically what I need is a case statement, or if-then-else. The gcode I need to add is:



For a 0.4mm nozzle the value should be 0.153, for a 0.2mm nozzle it's 0.250, etc. The values are determined by printing a calibration tower and they are different for every nozzle size and in some cases per filament. In Prusa Slicer I've done it like this:

{if nozzle_diameter[0] == 0.2} SET_PRESSURE_ADVANCE ADVANCE=0.250
{elsif nozzle_diameter[0] == 0.4} SET_PRESSURE_ADVANCE ADVANCE=0.153

I imagine there must be some similar technique in Cura, Can anyone point me to the right documentation or an example, please?

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    Posted · How can I make startup GCode that depends on the nozzle diameter?

    Use the Linear Advance Setting plugin (from the Marketplace) to set your linear advance factor in profiles. Then - since you seem to be using Klipper), add this gcode macro to your printer.cfg:

    [gcode_macro m900]
    default_parameter_K: 0


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    Posted · How can I make startup GCode that depends on the nozzle diameter?

    Not sure if have this figured out yet but I do something similar except for different extrusion widths when I was running Marlin. Just changed over to Klipper now and figuring out how I can do the same so still looking into an elegant solution but for the moment I use post-processing in Cura to set my K values

    Basically in my start gcode in Cura I have:
    M140 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0}    ; Start heating the bed to initial layer temp
    G4 S30                    ; wait 30 secs
    M104 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0}    ; start heating the hot end to initial layer temp
    M190 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0}    ; wait for bed
    M109 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0}    ; wait for hotend

    In Search and Replace with the checkbox for expressions ticked I do the following
    Search: M190 S85.1\t; wait for bed\nM109 S225\t; wait for hotend
    Replace: ;POST-PROCESSED DETAIL PETG 0.2_0.42\nM190 S85.1\t; wait for bed\nM109 S225\t; wait for hotend\nM92 E414.63\t; set new extruder setting for PETG\nM301 P14.19 I0.81 D62.17\t; set PID hotend 230C/50% fan\nM304 P114.31 I19.93 D437.00\t; set PID bed 85C\nM900 T0 K1.635 L1.72\t; Linear advance for DETAIL PETG 0.2_0.42

    And then in my specific Cura profiles, I just make sure to set the initial bed temperature to 85.1 (or whatever else triggers you use) so that it will trigger the search and replace code that I want. I also use this to set my extruder E steps, as well as PID settings. Because I have my PID values, and E-steps tuned for whatever setting that I'm using (PLA or PETG etc).


    So in the end I have about 15 different Search and Replace code to handle the various settings that I have. All hinging on this initial bed temp value.

    I even use this Search and Replace method to set different K (and L) values when I'm doing a different initial layer height for example. Bear in mind this was all for Marlin, so you'll have to modify the code to your needs.


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