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Printing temperature initial layer and initial layer flow

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Posted · Printing temperature initial layer and initial layer flow



I am using Cura 4.7.1 an I would like to set that the first layer would print at a higher temperature and high flow rate.


I tried setting the "Printing temperature initial layer" and "initial layer flow" but It does not work.

I do not see the temp change M104 or flow rate M221 happen in the g-code.

I have material_print_temperature_layer_0 in my machine start g-code but the temp will stay at the initial temp and will not change.


I can achieve those settings using ChangeAtZ plugin, But i want this as a permanent behavior and I do not want to configure the plugin 

every print I load in Cura, Unless there is a way to save plugin settings between prints?


Thank for the help,


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    Posted (edited) · Printing temperature initial layer and initial layer flow

    The flow rate multiplier (M221) will not be in the Gcode.  The E-numbers are calculated at the higher flow rate so there is no need to tell the printer/planner.  It's the same as speed changes.  The "F" numbers are calculated at the rate you set in Cura and there is no need for M220 in the Gcode. 

    When I checked this problem out (4.7beta), the 2nd M104 line was in the Gcode but it was well before the start of the second layer.  In the model I was using it was 300 lines of code before the layer change.  That does seem odd as I thought it would be right at the end of "layer 0".  A hot end doesn't need that long to cool down.

    You have "M104 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0}" in the start Gcode with the  "S" and the curly brackets correct?  Cura should put the temp number in place of the variable name, then later in Layer:0 (but maybe not at the end) there should be that second M104 with your actual print temp in it.

    Slice a model with the Initial Layer Flow at 100%, then check the last E number of Layer:0.  Slice the same model again but with the Initial Layer Flow set to 200% and the last E number of Layer:0 should be 2X what it was at 100%.

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