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Pause at Height Fix

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Posted · Pause at Height Fix

I recently installed a silent motherboard for my Ender 3 Pro only to realize that it no longer stayed paused with the standard M0 command. Does anyone know what might be the cause for this?


After some tinkering, I discovered that it worked when given the expire time parameter (ex. M0 S120). I made a modified version of the Pause at Height script that allows you to specify the expire time and thought I'd share it in case anyone else was experiencing the same issue.


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    Posted · Pause at Height Fix

    Another issue that I'm running into is a blob on the print after resuming from a pause. I think I have diagnosed the issue. Here is a sample of g-code from a print with the pause-blob:


    Just before the pause:


    G1 F1800 X94.951 Y119.841 E334.40799
    G1 F3000 E327.90799
    G0 F300 X94.951 Y119.841 Z0.8
    G0 F9000 X98.742 Y100.597
    ;added code by post processing
    ;script: PauseAtHeight.py
    ;current layer: 3
    M83 ; switch to relative E values for any needed retraction


    Note that the two G1 lines indicate a retraction of 6.5mm, which is what I have set as my retraction distance in the slicer settings.


    Here's the very end of the pause:

    M82 ; switch back to absolute E values
    G92 E327.90799
    M117 Layer 3 of 5 CE3PRO_mgschip_test
    M106 S153
    G1 F3000 E334.40799`


    The G92 line is using the retracted value. The printer does not realize this and does an extrude right onto the print.


    Perhaps there is a way the script could compare the two most recent absolute E positions and use the larger of the two?

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    Posted · Pause at Height Fix

    I have the 1.1.5 board in my E3Pro with Marlin 1.1.8 and the "M0" works (the board is about 9 months old).  I have heard of this problem with the newer ones.  Sounds like a good fix.

    I use PauseAtHeight a lot for color changes.  No retraction and no extrude have worked the best for me.  I just shove the new filament in until the color changes, grab the booger with long nose tweezers, and hold it steady while I hit the button.  The best thing is to have the re-start within support or infill but you don't always get a choice.  I've had good success though with my "snatch-grab-hitthebuttonreallyfast" method.

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