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Suggestion for next Cura versions, about languages...

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Posted · Suggestion for next Cura versions, about languages...

A small suggestion, for better and the internationalization of Cura... ☺️


Like in Blender (THE modeling software, that I use 😍 ) it's will be nice to have an option to have names of settings in one language ( like english ) and the description in other language ( Like french ) 🤩


Good English speakers will ask why ? 😜


That's why: 🙄


But the less good English speakers, like me, will be happy to find same references with many tutorials on web ( in english ) but Have one description in our's natural language for better understand one option... 😃


This will avoid changing the language, to find the web's reference, closing Cura, then reopening it in our language...


It would save a lot of time to optimize Cura 😋


Thanks to Cura dev's 👏


Thanks again for making Cura free 🤙 ( I come from one paid software much less accurate ... 😥 )

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    Posted · Suggestion for next Cura versions, about languages...

    Hi and welcome in our community!


    A good idea which would solve some problems. I use for example only the English version, but also write in the German section here and I often only know the English name of the setting. So yes that would really useful.


    But on the other hand there are also users which speak no English at all, so even the basic words are hard. For these users it would be a step back. So a full internationalisation is still needed in my opinion.


    As far as I know UM did a great job with the internationalisation, so it should be easy to add additional language variants, so an additional variant could be a mixed version as you suggested. But then is the questions which "mixed" variants do we really need and then we would have nearly doubled the languages.


    But beside that, I think to follow tutorials, videos and so on, it could be really useful.

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