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Skeinforge counts down?


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Posted · Skeinforge counts down?

Hi again... again :-)

After some pionters from Daid, my Skeinforge ensamble is working smoothly, but all of the sudden, it has started to do a sort of countdown when i press print - it did'nt countdown in the first 10 prints i made.

It looks like this:

T:239.04 E:0 W:?

T:238.74 E:0 W:?

T:238.16 E:0 W:?

T:237.79 E:0 W:?

T:237.34 E:0 W:?

T:236.82 E:0 W:?

T:236.36 E:0 W:?

T:235.84 E:0 W:?

T:235.35 E:0 W:?

T:234.89 E:0 W:?

T:234.38 E:0 W:?

T:233.89 E:0 W:?

T:233.40 E:0 W:?

T:232.94 E:0 W:?

T:232.36 E:0 W:?

T:231.84 E:0 W:?

T:231.41 E:0 W:?

T:230.93 E:0 W:?

T:230.32 E:0 W:?

T:229.95 E:0 W:29

T:229.43 E:0 W:28

T:228.94 E:0 W:27

T:228.52 E:0 W:26

T:228.09 E:0 W:25

T:227.57 E:0 W:24

T:227.23 E:0 W:23

T:226.96 E:0 W:22

T:226.65 E:0 W:21

T:226.41 E:0 W:20

T:226.17 E:0 W:19

T:226.07 E:0 W:18

T:226.01 E:0 W:17

T:226.01 E:0 W:29

T:226.01 E:0 W:29

T:226.04 E:0 W:28

T:226.07 E:0 W:27

T:226.17 E:0 W:26

T:226.50 E:0 W:25

T:226.65 E:0 W:24

T:226.96 E:0 W:23

T:227.29 E:0 W:22

T:227.57 E:0 W:21

The strangest thing is not number countdown itself, but the many lines before that, that has i questionmark (T:239.04 E:0 W:?).

Once in a while it restarts the countdown - in the middel of another countdown, so when i press print, it can take up to one minute before it starts printing.

This question is probably, mostly directet to Daid.... Sorry for the many questions..

Thank you

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    Posted · Skeinforge counts down?

    Nothing to do with Skeinforge really. This is a Marlin feature.

    Simply, it's your printer waiting a while for the temperature to settle after it reached the set temperature. The default setting in the Marlin that comes with SkeinPyPy waits 30 seconds and needs the temperature with 3C within those 30 seconds. 30 seconds is quite long and 10 should have been enough.

    A simple way around it, is to not use the SkeinPyPy temperature setting (put it at 0, then it won't do anything), but pre-heat yourself. It's a bit of a workaround.

    You can also install this firmware:

    http://daid.eu/~daid/marlin_build/ ... sE=865.888

    (download the windows install zip)

    Which has the timeout reduced to 10 seconds. (It's the M109 settings that do this, M109 is the GCode command for "set temperature and wait for machine to reach it")

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    Posted · Skeinforge counts down?

    Hi Daid.

    Thank you for a full answer! As usual :-) - I feel like i should start paying you money for all the technical support ;-), it is greatly appreciated.

    I allways manually warm up the machine and i manually get the material flowing with a bit of pre extrusion - even if the program does the same, so this solution works perfect for me.

    Thank you.

    Best regards


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    Posted · Skeinforge counts down?

    :-) perfect, thank you.

    Actually, if the machine performs and get an order that i am hoping for after easter, i will most surely donate to you future work. - i will let you know how that turns out ;-)

    Happy easter!

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