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Post processing script: avoid wiriting ";POSTPROCESSED" line


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Posted · Post processing script: avoid wiriting ";POSTPROCESSED" line

Hello everyone in the forum!


I have a question: I'm creating a postprocessing script to modify the gcode produced by Cura.


Everything works very well, but I see that in the modified gcode the line ";POSTPROCESSED" appears. Is it possible to avoid producing this line?


Otherwise, is it possible to change the comment string ";" to a custom one?


Thank you very much for your time!

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    Posted · Post processing script: avoid wiriting ";POSTPROCESSED" line

    Yes if you modify the code in the Postprocessing Plugin  (Ultimaker Cura 5.x.x\share\cura\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\PostProcessingPlugin.py  or Ultimaker Cura 4.x.x\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\PostProcessingPlugin.py)


            if ";POSTPROCESSED" not in gcode_list[0]:
                for script in self._script_list:
                        gcode_list = script.execute(gcode_list)
                    except Exception:
                        Logger.logException("e", "Exception in post-processing script.")
                if len(self._script_list):  # Add comment to g-code if any changes were made.
                    gcode_list[0] += ";POSTPROCESSED\n"
                gcode_dict[active_build_plate_id] = gcode_list
                setattr(scene, "gcode_dict", gcode_dict)
                Logger.log("e", "Already post processed")


    But you will have to do it for every new release of Cura.

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    Posted · Post processing script: avoid wiriting ";POSTPROCESSED" line



    thank you for your answer, I changed that portion of code and it worked perfectly!


    I have one further question: I see that other lines are inserted at the end of the gcode and are not affected by the custom postprocessing script I've developed. These lines appear at the very end of the gcode and are something like

    ;SETTING_3 {"extruder_quality": ["[general]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Low Quality #
    ;SETTING_3 2\\ndefinition = creality_ender3pro\\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_version
    ;SETTING_3  = 15\\nquality_type = low\\nposition = 0\\ntype = quality_changes\\n
    ;SETTING_3 \\n[values]\\nwall_line_count = 3\\n\\n"], "global_quality": "[genera
    ;SETTING_3 l]\\nversion = 4\\nname = Low Quality #2\\ndefinition = creality_base
    ;SETTING_3 \\n\\n[metadata]\\nsetting_version = 15\\nquality_type = low\\ntype =
    ;SETTING_3  quality_changes\\n\\n[values]\\n\\n"}

    How can I change the comment string in these lines or avoid to write those?

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