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loud printing s5


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Posted · loud printing s5

We've got three s5 r2 pro's in our lab and although some fine movements are quiet and use some form of micro-stepping the longer movements aren't meaning the printers are quite noisy and so we've tried to avoid using them if having meetings, demonstrating technology or performing studies. We also have a prusia mk3 in the office and we don't have any noise problems with it even though it doesn't have an enclosure as the s5 does. If micro-stepping is the problem is there a way to make sure that all movement is silent(has a high number of steps) in cura or if the motors are able to be replaced with ones that are both silent and fast? 



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    Posted · loud printing s5

    They're marketed as high quality prosumer printers. If an s5 costs 8 times as much as a prusia you expect it to have at least all the basic features that a prusia does (including modern motor drivers and larger motors if needed). I have an £150 ender clone that is quieter overall than the ultimakers at work. I dont think being on par with an ender clone is too much to ask. 

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    Posted · loud printing s5

    I mean I don't disagree with you. But that is still projection.. 

    UltiMaker didn't lie to you about it being a quite machine during marketing or sales or anything did they?
    (That is actually something I want to know about if it was)

    Again I'm not saying your wrong about your complaint.

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    Posted (edited) · loud printing s5

    So you're saying if we want a printer which is quiet enough to work around then we should buy basically any other modern 3d printer. What about reliability (having printers that dont malfunction without error codes within 3 months of using them), how about having any sort of support that's focused on fixings the users problems (It's almost been a week and I haven't even received a message, email or call not even offering a solution but just acknowledging that someone is looking into the logs we've sent). 


    I might sound angry and that's because I am. I really liked ultimakers when using the 2+ and 3 and even 5 r1. But over the last two months the lag, unreliability and incredible lack of any competent/professional support has completely removed that feeling. If you were proud of what you built you'd want to fix it or at least take the feedback on board instead of arguing that we should read the fine print to check you haven't cut corners to save £20 on new drivers.

    Edited by chekkefr
    Edits' after discussing with my colleagues.
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    Posted · loud printing s5

    I don't get what's going wrong with Ultimaker and now UltiMaker.


    Indeed I feel like most complaints can end with a "deal with it", which is quite often even supporter by other user/customer : you don't like it ? Then buy another one.


    Yeah. Yeah... Like, i've thrown 6k€ on a machine because of its marketized reliability, ease of use, performances, and semipro / pro dedication to make it worth for a company, a big brand, recognized, etc. And we have... a 6k€ machine that is damn loud, soooooo friggin' slow while having a huge rigid chassis, clogging every month, with some sub-par expensive material (PVA i'm looking at you) and a software that is not reaaaally Q-Chech as it should. And Community Team / Admin / Staff that comes to you saying "yeah, deal with it, sorry". Some of them, actually, not all, of course, and fortunately.


    This is sooo not okay. As a lot of customer, I would not recommend Ultimaker to anyone, be it a Pro-User or a daily home user. Not a chance. Too many bad experiences about it, my feedback to the team is FOUR PAGES LONG.


    Yes, some complaints concerns aspects that are not marketized, so it's not a lie, fair enough, even if, well, should I recall 6k€ ?... But some others are key words of the brand communication for this very specific machine : reliability, ease of use, pro usage, performances. Nah, sorry, now it's a full lie.


    Do something. And I don't mean another S7 which is basically a S5 mk2 with barely 25% of the design flaw fixed, making it the most overpriced actual recent machine out there. Please, look at the competition.

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