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3D printer not working with Ultimaker


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Posted · 3D printer not working with Ultimaker

Hi, I am new to 3D printing and need some help.

I recently bought a Easythreed K9 3D printer. I wanted to buy something that is not real expensive so I can find out if I like 3D printing or not, then if I like it I can buy something a little  more expensive.

My printer come with some software and everything works just fine when I use there software.

But when I try to use Ultimaker software I have problems, the first is when I push the start button, no filament comes out. Before I start printing I make sure the filament is able to come out when feed filament before starting printing.

The second problem is when it starts, the print head stays about 3 inches above the bed, and the printer head moves around like it is printing and no filament comes out and the head never goes down to the bed.

Anybody know what the problem could be?


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    Posted (edited) · 3D printer not working with Ultimaker

    A gcode file has sections.  The first section is usually statistics about the print.  The second is the StartUp Gcode and explains to the printer what temperature to work at, when to auto-home, how much to purge, etc.  After the main body of the print is the Ending Gcode that shuts the printer down in an orderly fashion.

    In Cura go to Settings, Printers, Manage Printers, Machine Settings.  The two big text boxes are the StartUp and Ending Gcodes.  Copy the StartUp Gcode and paste it here.


    Does the printer have an Auto Bed Leveler?

    What printer definition did you use to install the printer in Cura (Monoprice Select Mini V2 was used for some Easyyhreeds).

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    Posted · 3D printer not working with Ultimaker

    It has the advantage of being simple and direct.

    Some printers will home to "max" using commands other than the G28 command.  The G28 works for probably 95%  of all printers.

    You could try splitting the G28 line into:

    G28 X Y

    G28 Z

    and see if it makes a difference.  


    I think the best bet is to get over to Reddit and see if there is a group of owners there.  There might be a Facebook group as well.

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    Posted · 3D printer not working with Ultimaker

    Read the directions and follow the directions that came with the printer ,its all on the sd card that came with the printer ,very easy to use ( i own a K9 and it prints beautiful) no need for a 3d printer control software on your computer,I am trying to find a software control program that will control it . Rem to use the CURA slicer that came with it as it works fantastic.

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    Posted · 3D printer not working with Ultimaker

    I have the same printer and this is what I did to get it working ...
    Open the attached file in Cura which will set the printer configuration, start g-code and end-gcode etc. (it's just a blank model with the settings in and is a zip file so you can go and view the files inside if necessary)
    Then for any model you want to print drag that model into Cura and it will use the same printer settings.
    Then Slice your model and save to SD card

    Put the sd card into the printer

    Ensure you have primed the printer by extruding some plastic

    Then press the print start and wait

    Make sure there's not any strain on the filament feed and it should print fine then move the head out of the way at the end (the default easythreed end gcode would home to the bottom corner causing issues collisions with any models in the way)


    Sounds simple but there are so many things that can go wrong with a 3d printer so try something simple first then work your way up to more complex models.


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