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Wrong estimated print time in Cura

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Posted · Wrong estimated print time in Cura

I am using an Anacubic Vyper with Cura. Print results are great but the estimated print time showed by Cura after slicing is far to low. 20 h 37 min vs 41 h 51 min !!!





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    Posted (edited) · Wrong estimated print time in Cura

    Cura bases the estimate on the speed and acceleration that are entered into the Cura settings.  If your printer has lower "Max Speed" and "Max Acceleration" then those become the speed limits and the time Cura estimated will be off.  (It isn't usually that bad though.)

    The Vyper printer definition file doesn't list the Accel numbers and so the default Cura FDMPrinter numbers are used of 3000mm/sec°.  But within your printer the M201 acceleration maximum might be 500 and it's that number that will override whatever is in the gcode.

    If you have PrintRun/Pronterface installed you can send M503 to the printer via the usb and see the result.  It will tell you what the printer settings are.  If you enter numbers at or below those limits into Cura you will find the estimate is much closer to reality.


    A while back there was a post here regarding the Cura estimated print time versus the PrusaSlicer estimated print time.  That turned out to be a settings issue as the poster was using a 7mm retraction distance at a speed of 1mm/sec in Cura but at 20mm/sec in PrusaSlicer.  Every retraction/prime cycle was taking 14 seconds in Cura and 0.7 seconds in PrusaSlicer.

    When there is an equivalency (apples and apples) between the printer settings and the Cura settings you will find that although it's not exact, it's not far off.  Certainly not by a factor of 2..

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