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Multiple issues, any help appreciated

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Posted (edited) · Multiple issues, any help appreciated

Hello all!  My first post here and this is my first 3D printer.  For the most part I've been enjoying it immensely. 


I've got an Ender 3 Neo, about 2 months old now.  Printer did well for about 6 weeks then I moved it to our storage room to print abs as the ambient temperature out there now is about 100F.  If my memory serves me correctly I had this same issue inside the house when printing large surface areas (Photo 1) prior to moving the printer to the storage room. 



Our relative humidity here hasn't gone above about 30%.  I've got a temp and humidity monitor next to the printer.  Filament is Polymaker PLA Pro (orange)(nozzle 200c, bed 60c) and Polymaker ABS (nozzle 255, bed 95c, glue stick adhesion on back side of carborundum bed, glass only) .  Photos 2, 3, and 4 are before the following attempts at corrective actions.  Last photo is after these corrective actions:








  • Checked that the entire hot end assembly wasn't loose on the gantry (is that the right word?)  Result: No play
  • Checked that the bed wasn't loose on the gantry.  Result: No play
  • Reset Z offset.  This was off slightly.  Initial adjustment I did when machine was new was -1.94.  Adjustment yesterday was -1.79.   
  • Leveled the bed.  It was off previously as I noticed the z axis moving with x and y movements.  Result: Now no Z axis movement when moving across X and Y.
  • Did quick nozzle check, fed filament through and check for curling, etc.  Result: Filament came out straight. 




I did notice the ABS has a tendency to ooze more than the PLA when nozzle/bed are heating up.  Also, when I setup the filament in Cura, I didn't know the exact density.  Found a value for this online somewhere but it wasn't polymaker so don't know if that is an issue??


In addition, I tried to print the test print in abs at a higher Z offset, went from -1.79 to -1.69 but the part didn't stick.  At that point I was kind of frustrated and switched over to PLA to continue testing as I was tired of cleaning glue and reapplying for each test.....  Should I have moved the z offset in smaller increments?


Thanks for any suggestions with next steps to take!







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