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Posted · ANET A8

Allow every one, I am new on this 3D printer, I purchase an ANET A8 about 10 years ago, now that I am retired I decide to put it together, I download CURA UTILMAKER, I install the USB driver CH340 that is working ok on COM6 according to the USB-SERIAL CH340 PROPERTYS, Bits per second 11520, Data Bits 8, Party Even, Stop Bits 1, Flow Control Xon / Xoff,  printer connected to the usb port, recognized by the pc, but when I try to communicate with the printer to monitor a job or to update firmware I got a message. In order to monitor your printer from Cura, please connect the printer, or,  Firmware can not be updated because there is no connection with the printer, and it is connected to the PC because when it is connected to the PC the display on the printer change and can mot be operated by the printer control.

Also I don’t have the memory card that it came with the printer, if anybody can share this with me I will appreciate.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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    Posted · ANET A8

    There are two versions of the USB Printing plugin.  The older one "USB Printing" installs by default.  The new one "USB Printing NG" is available if the older version doesn't work.


    In the top right corner of the Cura workspace is the MarketPlace.  Open that.

    • Click on the "Gear" icon.
    • Scroll down to "USB Printing" and see if it is "installed".
      • If it IS NOT installed
        • Install it, quit Cura, and try again.  It should connect to the printer automatically.
      • If it IS installed
        • Un-install it.
        • Still in the MarketPlace Click on the "plugins" button.
        • Scroll down and install "USB Printing NG".
        • Close and restart Cura.

    The point of that is there 

    USB connections are dependent on the hardware as much as anything else.  


    I wrote "Greg's Toolbox" to monitor my own prints.  It's a Windows app so if you are running on a MAC or Linux it won't work.  Since you've joined the rest of us retirees I thought I'd pass it along.  It is an "unsigned" app because that costs money.  If you decide to install it you may need to fool your anti-virus.

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    Posted (edited) · ANET A8

    Thank you for your reply and welcome to the retirees world, I love it so far, going on my 7 years, I must tell you that I have try all your recommendation, I even use 3 different computer all running win 10 and 11, on one running win 10 home the setting was  USB-SERIAL CH340 PROPERTYS, Bits per second 11520, Data Bits 8, Party None, Stop Bits 1, Flow Control None and still getting same messages, needless to say that I restart the program an even the PC and printer.

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    Posted · ANET A8

    My printer is an older Ender 3 Pro and connecting has never been a problem.  I know that isn't helpful with your Anet, but the point is that it should connect.

    You can try my app I linked as it is a native Windows app, or an app like PronterFace/PrintRun which is much the same.  Both should connect and both have "response" boxes so you can see what the printer is sending back when you send a command.  Most printers do use 115200, 8, none, 1 as the settings.  Since your printer is 10 years old it may use a slower baud rate but Cura has a routine that runs to find a baud rate that works.


    If you have any other USB devices plugged in (other than mouse and keyboard) unplug them.  Some bluetooth devices can be configured as Serial Devices and that will fool any program that polls the USB ports looking for serial ports.

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    Posted · ANET A8

    Thank you for your help, it will definitely have to be a problem with the CURA software, I download PronterFace and immediately recognize the printer whit the same com parameters and I was able to jog all the axis, TKS.

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