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use of previous used (network) location when opening a file.


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Posted (edited) · use of previous used (network) location when opening a file.

Is Cura able to open the previously used (network) location when opening a new file on import?

As well, when generated gcode to disk, why can't Cura not open the last used location, either on local drive or on the attached network (e.g. NAS drive)?

IS there perhaps a settings in the preferences to activate this behavior?

If not, I would strongly suggest to add this option to the next version of Cura.

Where can I make a suggestion for this improvement (is there a bug tracking system for Cura)?

Otherwise I quite happy with Cura v5.2.1 on Linux.




PS. Aah, I just saw bug reports are on Github.

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    Posted · use of previous used (network) location when opening a file.
    3 hours ago, drobble said:

    mmh, no-one who has a response or suggestion?

    1: Please, we don't need the condescending tone. If you're going to bump your thread just say "does anyone have any updates or new ideas" or something like that rather than implying "nobody on this forum is smart enough to fix it".

    2: You updated your first post to say you'd found bug reports on Github. That gives the air of "never mind, I see they have it covered".

    3: For a subject this technical, you need to provide more system info than just "Linux".

    • What distro and version?
    • Are you using the AppImage or a package format? (I know the Snap for Cura can cause some problems)
    • What file system are you using? (Yes, this may be relevant, ext4 will behave differently to a newer file system like my beloved BTRFS)
    • How and where are your file shares on the NAS being mounting?
    • What file system are the shares on your NAS?
    • Have you checked to make sure all the permissions are correct?
    • Are you logged in as a user with superuser privileges, or running Cura with superuser privileges? I've seen that cause problems.
    • Have you tried a newer version like 5.3.1 or 5.4?
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