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Wait for User Input error Cura 5.4.0

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Posted (edited) · Wait for User Input error Cura 5.4.0

If you are printing over the USB then that is a known issue.  Cura (and PronterFace/PrintRun) sends the M105 "temperature query" as a check to insure that the serial connection to the printer is still open.  If the printer responds with the temperature then all is well BUT if the printer input-buffer happens to be almost full, the M105 can get truncated to M1 which as you have found out is "emergency stop" which requires a button click to continue.

USB printing can be plagued by another problem on Windows computers.  If you happen to be printing over the USB over-night and if Microsoft sends out an update that causes the computer to re-boot then the printer will re-boot and the print will fail.

It's a "printing via the USB" problem rather than a Cura bug/problem as it is (at least partially) dependent on the size of the printer input buffer which varies from printer to printer and from firmware to firmware.


Starting with 5.4.0 there are two versions of the "USB Printing" plugin included with Cura.  By default, the older version is enabled.  If you go to the "MarketPlace" and click on the "Gear" icon and scroll down to "USB Printing" you can disable the older version.  Then click on the "Plugins" tab and scroll down and enable "USB Printing NG".  It might make a difference.


All-in-all printing from the SD card is much preferred.  Octoprint / Raspberry PI is also a good option.


Here is "USB Printing NG" in the MarketPlace.  I've never used it (and have no intention of using it) but it is an option.  You would need to go through the instructions and the Readme.txt file to properly implement it.


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Posted · Wait for User Input error Cura 5.4.0

Thank for the info @GregValiant I am printing thorough USB unfortunately the SD read on my print stopped working and had to stick with USB cable. I did have the windows update interfere a print before like you mention.  One thing I did was disconnect the USB cable and power down the my printer and it only reduced the times it asked but still happening.  

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    Posted · Wait for User Input error Cura 5.4.0

    Mainboards for your printer aren't terribly expensive.  It might be worth your while to invest in one to get a working SD card slot back.  I bought a mini-SD to SD card adapter so I can use the larger memory card rather than that little one that came with my Ender.  The adapter never leaves the mini slot in the printer so there is no wear and tear to the socket.

    A couple of things you can try are:

    • Increase the "Maximum Resolution" setting in the Mesh Fixes section.  That can eliminate a lot of very short line segments from the gcode.
    • If you have prints with circles and curves you can try using the "Arc Welder" plugin.  It puts together arc segments and sends them to the printer in G2 and G3 lines that dump all the calculations onto the printer-planner rather than sending a bunch of lines through the USB.  Your firmware needs to support G2/G3 and not all firmwares do.

    There really isn't a fix for the actual M105 problem as print servers (like Cura) want to know the temperature of the hot end in order to display it in the Monitor Scene.  Whether it sends "M105" every 3 seconds (which it does) or every 30 minutes, it's a question of the contents of the input buffer when the command is received as to whether the problem will occur.  There is no way to query the printer regarding the contents/state of the planning buffer.  I suppose sending the M105 could be disabled, but that could result in a trip to the thoroughly unpleasant "Land of Unexpected Consequences".

    Here is the housing and the regular SD card reader.  The ribbon cable from the rear plugs into the mini-SD card slot of the printer.


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