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cannot connect to USB in Netfabb

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Hi everyone,

I buy Netfabb, and installed it on a new computer and now I try to connect the Ultimaker. On this computer i did not installed ReplicatorG and i also not installed Phyton yet. Do i have to install that too wenn i only want to use netfabb on this computer? I only installed the Arduino driver, which is installed correctly in devicemanager. In Netfabb i selected ' Ultimaker specific' and selected the right usb com with highest bautrate. I also try to disconnect usb, but i still cannot connect the ultimaker. Anyone can help me out? What im missing out ??

Greetz Jeroen

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Hi Jeroen,

I'm also having problems connecting my machine to Netfabb. I can tell you we're not the only ones struggling with that... There appears to be a problem with firmwares. It depends on the firmware you use on your Ultimaker. The standard 5D firmware that comes with new Ultimakers cannot connect to Netfabb afaik.

Through ReplicatorG the following firmwares are available



Marlin build 1

Marlin build 2

Marlin build 3

As far as I know only Sprinter (?) and Marlin build 1 will connect to Netfabb. I only had some success when connecting to Netfabb with Marlin Build 1.

Since Marlin build 1 has some issues I stayed with Marlin Build 2 which I feel is the best firmware available yet. Marlin Build 2 is the only firmware version that didn't give me any problems at all... It cannot connect to Netfabb on Marlin Build 2 though which is a shame. I would have expected Netfabb to be able to connect to the Ultimaker at all times but unfortunately it can't...

For now I produce most of my Gcodes through Netfabb and send the gcodes through ReplicatorG. That's a good workaround but I would have expected Netfabb to print directly.

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I'm happy this worked for you as well. I would NOT advice to print through Netfabb to Marlin Build 1 though. I tried that but layer shifting (or whatever the offical term is) was a problem on all my prints... Marlin Build 2 with RepG code-sender and Netfabb Gcode works fine even though using RepG feels as an 'extra'.

I have no idea how Florian (Floush) manages to get good print on the Ultimaker through Netfabb tbh. I feel kinda jaleous :-)

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This might be because the Marlin firmware sends 2 lines on startup, first a "version" message and then a "start" message. Older versions only send the "start" message. (RepG reports the version message as an unknown message)

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Can I try to adjust this myself in one way or another? I'm not familiar with the firmware changes/ github/ compile/ Arduino's... If it's the solution, Daid deserve a gold medal! :geek:

And then what if I screw up my firmware with some wrong lines... Will I be able to put the standard Marlin back on the machine through RepG?

It would be really great if some more experienced, firmware would try this out and post the results here! Any volunteers :oops: :?:

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To change the firmware you first need the Arduino IDE. You can download it from


The current Master version of Marlin has the PID enabled, which isn't stable as far as I know (once it works it will regulate temperature better, but if it doesn't work then you'll run into problems)

You can download my version:


Which I've been using without problems so far. It doesn't have the PID enabled. And there is some support for a 2nd extruder in it, but it doesn't do anything by default.

You want to remove the two lines that say:


  Serial.print("Marlin "); Serial.println(version_string);

Around line 300, in the file Marlin.pde (which it the file you need to open with the Arduino IDE)

Then use the "upload" button in the Arduino IDE to get your new firmware into the board. (Don't worry, you can always restore the original firmware by using RepG)

If that doesn't help. Try changing the "#define BAUDRATE 115200" in Configuration.h to "#define BAUDRATE 57600" (which is another difference between the stock 5D firmware and Marlin)

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