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Netfabb future releases

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Posted · Netfabb future releases

Hi guys,

I'm using the Netfabb software for a few weeks now and I think it's awesome. Nevertheless I feel the software can be better at some points and tried to write them down.

Now, what's the best place to discuss these ideas I have? Perhaps more important: Do the Netfabb guys listen to the users or do they have their own strategy?

My list consists of new wanted features, added/ new functionality, bugs and such.

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Posted · Netfabb future releases

email nettfabb at support at netfabb.com - they are very open to suggestions/changes/ideas

I have have asked for some changes and they say they will probably implement/have implemented now..

or post on their forum http://www.netfabb.com/forum.php

They will probably check this forum too so I guess we could make a list of wants/changes/improvements?

My wants and problems for netfabb: -

[*]Changeable base plate size for custom machines - I know there is an option but I haven't noticed an effect.

[*]Moveable calibration circles to position on base plate + tweaking object size/resolution (my machine misses steps sometimes but only on the calibration circles strangely....

[*]Ability to deactivate a machine as I frequently have to reactivate and am worried about activating too much (I've emailed for resets multiple times + having to wait for replies though fast can be frustrating when your machine is unusable for a brief time) I'd love to have a usb dongle option..


I will add more later today..time for bed 4:20 am lol :lol:

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