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Inner supports for object with 0 infill

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Hi all,

I need to print a skull (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:70717)

The thing is i need to print it with 0 infill and now bottom but i'm pretty sure it will fails as there are inner overhangs (the orbits and nose bone for example).

I added supports myself with DesignSpark Mechanical (just created boxes that go up to these parts). I've done a little test print for this and it seems to be working.

I'm wondering if the top of the skull will print correctly. And i'm not able to create some supports myself that will come off as easily as the support generated by Cura.

Is there a way to add support at the inside of an object or do i have to create them my self?


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Hi Didier,

you mean like that?


Did it just quick and dirty in the lunch break with meshmixer (newest version).

May be you should make the support poles thicker.

Here is how:

- Import stl in Meshmixer

- Rotate it in the right position

- 'Edit' -> 'Plane cut' - type: cut, fill: no fill, check 'hard edge' -> Accept (make sure the the small blue arrow shows to the side you want to cut away)

- 'CTRL A' to select all -> "EDIT" -> "Flip Normals" to flip inner and outer shell

- "Analysis" -> Overhangs (adjust parameters if necsessary) -> "Support all Overhangs"

- done :)



Edit: link corrected


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Thanks a lot, following your advice and the excellent stuff from illuminati's blog http://www.extrudable.me/2013/12/28/meshmixer-2-0-best-newcomer-in-a-supporting-role/

I think i managed to have something that will work nicely and without fighting with my pc to make it :)

Will be printing a test part for the top in a couple of minutes to see how it goes.


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Yes this is what i noticed too on my test print.

Didn't find a way to do this unfortunately, so i added a cylinder in the skull after cutting the base with meshmixer. I don't really know how i managed to do the following, while playing with flip normals and analysis to repair the model i managed to make the cylinder be an outer shell in cura.

The i set some infill that left the cylinder hollow and filled the rest making support for the overhanging parts. The print went good.

There must be a way to print this hollow but i'm not good enough with cad software to do this.

This is a little timelapse of the skull. I had to use supports from cura for the side parts too.



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I explained it just above. Not the best solution but it worked.

It seems that nicolux did something similar with his yoda that didn't finish, you can clearly see some infill inside close to the shell.

Unfortunately it isn't ok if you want to light it up from the inside.

I didn't try other slicers maybe some have this feature? I doubt it but who knows


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