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Update your custom fan dimensions... or else!

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Posted · Update your custom fan dimensions... or else!

So I was printing a bunch of little houses overnight on my UM1. I had updated to the new Cura, but haven't changed the size of my modified fan in the settings. Woke up to this:


I checked the Gcode and Cura decided to print the top left house before the top right, smashing the fan into the already printed left one. The left house popped off the printbed and the whole fan assembly broke off.

Surprisingly, the print continued fine, the house on the right printed perfectly minus the offset base, and the bottom left house printed perfectly as well (which was last). There was a small chip in the fan and the printed shroud totaled.

So... The lesson for the day? be sure to plug in the modified fan dimensions into cura...

Oh well, I guess that gives me an excuse to update my fan shroud design. it could have been a lot worse, I'm quite impressed actually that it managed to finish the prints after that kind of failure.


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